Volunteerism and giving back can surprisingly become your biggest career boosting asset. And it's a natural life additive.

I started my first business at age 10. Ever since I was in my late teens and running a business, I have been interested in giving back, volunteerism, and public service. That said, I never wanted to be an elected official. Still don't. I thought elected office was great, but I decided to let all of my friends go out and do that. I wanted to be a capitalist with a heart. I wanted to create wealth, and to help others to do the same. I wanted to create jobs, which is my version of active philanthropy. 

I wanted to do well so I could do good, and for the longest time I did just that while in the private sector business world. I thought I was the real giver here. I had no idea how wrong I was about to be. I now know I was the active receiver. A receiver through giving. 

Looking back now, I got so much more than what I gave. And you could too. There is a magical return on investment with genuine giving. 

While I was still a teenager and without a lot of real adult responsibility, like family and regular bills, I gave fully 25% of my time to volunteerism. Impractical maybe for most adults, but your kids can do this, right now! Just like I did back then. And I went to school, ran a business, andvolunteered too.

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