Mayor Alvin Brown

City of Jacksonville

On May 17, 2011 Jacksonville voters chose Alvin Brown to lead the city. He assumed office July 1, 2011. Brown ran on his vision of “taking Jacksonville to the next level” through job creation, Downtown revitalization, and making education and public safety top priorities.

Prior to the election, Brown served as an Executive in Residence at Jacksonville University’s Davis School of Business. He is the past president and CEO of the Willie Gary Classic Foundation, an organization that helps provide scholarships for historically black colleges.

Brown served as the executive director of the Bush/Clinton Katrina Interfaith Fund. He was responsible for overseeing the distribution of more than $20 million to houses of worship throughout the Gulf Coast so that they could begin rebuilding after the disaster resulting from hurricane Katrina. Brown successfully set policy and procedures that enabled more than 1,100 houses of worship to apply for funding by the closing date of July 31, 2006.

Read more about Mayor Brown below, but he is a dear friend of mine, whom I have known and admired for some time now. Alvin and I first worked together when he was director of the White House office dedicated to the economic empowerment of underserved areas, under then President Bill Clinton and then Vice President Al Gore.  He has taken those lessons now, on the ground in Jacksonville, Florida, where we hope to join him soon with our Project 5117 agenda. More to come.

Mayor Alvin Brown | HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit.

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