Many books have addressed the "bottom of the pyramid” in developing countries like India - how big companies can tap the cumulative spending power of the impoverished masses. 

But John Hope Bryantfounder and CEOnonprofit Operation HOPE, believes there is a tidal wave of economic potential waiting to be unleashed in the back streets of America. 

The problem is that poverty has been treated as a purely financial problem that can be solved with charity or savvy policies, when it’s really a deeper issue woven into personal aspirations and the social fabric of communities. 

"If I give a homeless man a million dollars, he'll be broke in six months. Success is a culture. Failure is also a culture,” Mr. Bryant told Global Atlanta


Global financial recovery and the role of the poor in capitalism are to be discussed at the Operation Hope Global Financial Dignity Summit on Nov. 13-14 in Atlanta, an event whose guest list testifies to the breadth of Mr. Bryant’s global connections. 

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