Michelle Burton, Emily Parris and my Operation HOPE, Los Angeles team just completed the local business plan presentations for HOPE Business In A Box in Los Angeles, resulting in 3 of the 7 Los Angeles youth 'Pitch' competition winners. I am happy to report that all 3 have bank savings accounts! And here they are…

MarBytesMarta Alonso, HBIAB grant $250

Sells iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories and provides instruction for using Apple products

Fantasy FruitLetty Trumpet, Sandy Monrroy, Odaly Ramirez and Nancy Muro     HBIAB Grant $250

Sells fresh fruit in chocolate bowls with chili

One Tough CookieJustice Brumfield,  HBIAB Grant $320

Sells cookies, tarts and pies

All of this excitement took place at Augustus Hawkins High School in L.A., and the full press release can be found here.

Let's go.


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