Living.Proof is the theme for the Healthways Well Being Summit 2013, here in New Mexico, and it speaks so powerfully to how I see the world, and our “way forward.”

Proof, speaks to the left brain, or the analytics. The measurement. The science. The specific and the materialism of life that we all obsess about.
Living, speaks to the right brain, or the aspiration and hope. The things that matter most to the health and sustainability of our spirit; including love, life, passion, compassion, faith, joy, integrity, trust, character, well-being, engagement and all the things we treasure and value most, but can measure the least.

Thus, Living.Proof speaks to the whole person, while putting what matters not, first. Living. Living for something larger and more important than yourself.

Living with purpose.
Living with passion.
Living with joy, hope and dreams.
Living with aspiration.
Living for legacy. Our own personal legacy

Life is not just about the power of living, and it is not just about the power of proof. It is about both. It is about becoming whole people.
It’s about the power inherent in “Living.Proof.”

John Hope Bryant

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