Nick Allard at Markham 


There are many different reasons why people volunteer. First and foremost, volunteering provides the satisfaction of offering a helping hand, but there are many other benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering can help build a person’s skill set, build a network of likeminded individuals and, for companies, can increase the financial impact they provide to their community.

In 2012 alone, Operation HOPE helped thousands of volunteers serve 12,717 hours in their community through HOPE Corps. The National Value of Volunteer Time is currently estimated at $21.79 per hour. That means that, in addition to the much-needed funding HOPE’s partners provide for our programs, they also committed $277,103.43 of in-kind support.

This equates to an additional contribution of over $30,000 for an organization like Bank of America that provided 1,383 volunteer hours to HOPE in 2012. This is a real contribution and real added impact to the community.

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