Dear Mr. Bryant,
You may not remember me but I was that bellman that you talked to at the Hilton in Destin a year or so ago. You gave me your card and told me to e-mail you when I moved to Dallas. I seemed a bit skeptical at first because I didn't know why you would ever help out someone like me, just a regular person. Honestly I looked you up on the Internet to get a better understanding of who you are and what you believed and stood for. I was impressed. It's very inspirational and I decided in my own life to make the changes I needed to become a better person and also inspire people around me to do the same things. This e-mail isn't about asking for anything because I grew up in a military family that worked hard for respect and everything that we need. The reason I wrote this is because I want to know what continues you to drive forward in the things you do. I moved out here in Dallas about 3 weeks ago, a couple of potholes along the road, but still managed to make it out here. I wanted to start something new and fresh and to see what else is here. Hopefully this e-mail makes it into your hands and hope things go well for you. I'll continue to keep moving forward and to keep making it like you did. It's good to see inspiration and hope still happens. Thank you for your time.

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