John Hope Bryant

Bestselling business leadership author and philanthropic entrepreneur


I am confident that President Obama and members of Congress will find at least a temporary solution for the coming fiscal cliff. 

Why? Because they are our leaders and I have confidence they 

This said, as I said recently on CNN, most Americans are experiencing their own unique "fiscal cliff" every month. t's called having "too much month at the end of their money."will act, and secondly, well… they have to. Simply put, too much is at stake right now, even for traditional political games.

Everyone I know, knows someone in financial trouble, or dealing with some form of economic stress. And I am not talking about so-called poor people. This global economic crisis is and always has been a solid middle-class crisis. That's why the crisis has gotten as much attention as it has from political leadership since its onset in 2008. Simply put, "poor people don't have $20 trillion dollars to lose."

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