Dave Bell

As you may know, Operation HOPE is dedicated to the financial preparedness, dignity and inclusion of all Americans. *Right now millions of our families, friends and neighbors’ lives are being devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Therefore, we are mobilizing to offer help to individuals and small businesses whose lives are being turned upside-down, and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We need to mobilize over *1,000 volunteers* to meet the needs of this disaster. Find addition information on HOPE Coalition America (HCA) here. Your employees/volunteers can be located anywhere in the country. Please share this document within your organization and encourage your employees to become involved providing this national community service by calling *866-270-2583* to get signed up. They will become heroes to the individuals whose lives have been destroyed by this natural disaster.

Our disaster recovery division, HCA, is the only national financial emergency preparedness and recovery service in the country. Through partnerships with industry leaders such as yourself, spanning banking,
financial services, insurance, social and community services, we provide financial and economic information and guidance to those affected by disasters.

When a natural disaster occurs, organizations such as FEMA and the American Red Cross go to work immediately to address health, safety, and infrastructure problems. We go to work immediately to address the financial issues that can affect far more people after a disaster than property damage or personal injury.

Thank you for helping to provide these vital services to individuals recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Please respond to me directly here or at david.bell@oerationhope.org if you want to help.

David Bell
Managing Director
Global HOPE Corps
Operation HOPE, Inc.
401 SW 5th Ave, 3rd Floor
Portland OR 97204
503 830 7395 Phone
503 796 5857 Fax



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