The role of government in the private sector is all about balance, says John Hope Bryant, chairman of Operation Hope, which works for financial literacy and economic empowerment.

“Where would be without the subway system in New York City? I mean would free enterprise flow if there wasn’t a subway system? And, if it wasn’t for the government, who could put the subway system on their balance sheet? What about police? What about roads and gutters? What about street cleaners? What about all of the public services we take for granted,” Bryant tells Newsmax TV's John Bachman.

It’s all about balance, Bryant says.

“Things like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina remind us that we do need some role of government in our lives, that we can’t do it all by ourselves.” 

Watch the exclusive video interview here.

As for the poor, a good way to lift them up is by working with the young, he says. A Gallup poll found that 91 percent of all youngsters aren’t afraid to take risk. And 77 percent want to have their own business. 

Read the full NewsMax article with John Hope Bryant and the HOPE Global Financial Dignty Summit here http://www.newsmax.com/US/operation-hope-bryant-government/2012/11/15/id/464319#ixzz2CacD3lUI

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