When people ask me what do I mean by the statement, "…we have made dumb sexy in this generation. We have dumbed down, and celebrated it..," this unfortunately is an excellent example.  This article, shared with compliments of Your Black World and Natasha Foreman, MBA, is unfortunately a great example of increasingly what this generation — my generation — is getting completely wrong.

It appears that we increasingly celebrate the stupid, ignore the good, and throw our hands up with respect to the bad, as if there is 'nothing we can do.'  Well, there is something we can do, and it begins with calling it like we see it.  If society continues to allow this sort of blatant and arrogant 'base' behavior, of the worst human elements, go unchecked, then it is the beginning of the end to what we call a civilized society.

In many ways, this is not so different from the years-long, much celebrated BE STUPID advertising campaign that was heavily promoted by Diesel Jeans.  They even installed permanent signs on the outside of their most prominent stores — and yet we (the collective we) did nothing. Where were the letters of outrage from parents and community leaders alike?  I for one wrote something about it at the time.  I can tell you this, if the company had installed the same signs, and promoted the same advertising campaign in say China, or some hard-working developing country where parents literally spend every dime they have to finance their children's education — they would have gotten nothing back but blank stares.  Somehow, we have come to accept this irrational behavior as "okay." Well, it is not. 

Our urban, inner-city and underserved communities have increasingly been overrun with what I call "thug culture," and we must take our communities back!  Quoting my friend and 5MK co-chair Quincy Jones, "It takes 20 years to change a culture."  Well, I would suggest that "in the last 20 years we have made dumb sexy. We have dumbed down and celebrated it, and now we must make smart sexy again."

Read the complete, ridiculous article, below.


Your Black World

There are several doomsday theorists who have predicted that America’s economic downward spiral will be paired with an increase in overt criminality. There is no way to know yet whether that prediction is true, but we do know that criminals are becoming bolder as money for police and investigative agencies is reduced.

A recent sting by the New York Police Department and the city’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor revealed a bustling business for drug dealers who now openly advertise on Craigslist.

The complete article linked here.


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