I was deeply honored to speak before 300 young leaders of and for the future in Omaha, Nebraska who are using Gallup's "Strength Finders" human science technology to move their lives in a positive direction. Given how often I speak before young people, I can tell you right now — these youth were different!

One of the memories I hold most dear involves walking up to the venue with a team of Gallup executives, also friends, and a young lady from the school (a student there) steps forward and hands me two letters, enclosed in envelopes.  She calmly but firmly announces to me that one letter was destined for me, which I could open later, and one letter — well, one letter was for the President of the United States.  She expected me to deliver it to him, and she didn't blink when she said it.


Needless to say, I did precisely as I was told (smile).  The next day, when I was in Washington, D.C., I made sure I delivered this letter from this young lady directly to the White House, insuring that it made it to the West Wing.  These youth — this amazing group of leaders in the making, thanks to Gallup — this is what gives me hope!


A special thank you to my friend Jane Miller, who runs Gallup in Omaha, Nebraska and is deeply involved with empowering youth throughout Greater Omaha, Nebraska, for inviting me to spend some time with her star-youth.

Later that afternoon I was honored to speak before the global leadership team for Gallup, comprised of Gallup leaders from more than 40 cities around the world.



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