I am particularly proud to announce the addition of Curley Dossman as a Working Group Co-Chair. Curley Dossman, a senior executive at Georgia Pacific Corporation, was also just installed as the new national chairman of 100 Black Men of America as well.

Curley Dossman's remarks at the 100 Black Men of America installation said everything about his character. His remarks were 100% focused on insuring that our youth — our young leaders in the making, and the underserved communities they grow up in — have the resources they need to truly reach for the stars.  Curley was "all in" with respect to this new mission and mandate in and for his life. Leaders like this are truly hard to find in today's day and age.

We are honored to have Curley as a confirmed speaker and leader, and 100 Black Men as a co-convening organization.

More information on the summit here.

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