By Saleh Fareed

EDDAH – SEDCO Holding, a leading Saudi management company, has launched its flagship corporate social responsibility program, Riyali, which addresses the need to educate the Saudi population on financial literacy and empower people with the personal financial skills required to achieve a desirable standard of living. The first phase of this program targets college students.

Announcing the launch, Dr. Adnan Soufi, CEO of SEDCO Holding, said "SEDCO is a corporation that believes in corporate social responsibility as one of its core values. Drawing on our 35 years of CSR experience and extensive financial expertise, we have selected financial literacy as our flagship social responsibility initiative. The program aims to enable upcoming generations with crucial skills to manage their personal income."

"In this regard, SEDCO conducted a nationwide survey involving a thousand young Saudi nationals to determine the market needs. Results showed only 11 percent keep track of their spending; although 75 percent thought they understood the basics of money management," Dr. Adnan added.

An in-depth analysis of SEDCO's survey revealed that 45 percent of youngsters do not save any money at all, while only 20 percent save 10 percent of their monthly income. In terms of spending habits, the study indicated that items such as mobile phones and travel account for nearly 80 percent of purchases. Regarding financing their lifestyle, 46 percent of youth rely on their parents to fund big ticket items. Fortunately, 90 percent of the respondents stated that they are interested in increasing their financial knowledge.

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