There is absolutely nothing wrong with our inner-city children. Nothing, at all.

This premise flies in the face of most of the stats and the facts that we face daily; from kids in Detroit who are literally killing each other over designer sun glasses, to kids in far too many inner-cities who are dropping out of high school at record levels and hanging out on street corners and porches right in the middle of most people's work day. Or worse, those who are engaged in gangs, or those who make up the stunning 30-70% high school dropout numbers in this country. That said, nothing is wrong with our kids. Nothing at all.

Signal lesson in inner-city leadership.

When I was growing up, there were say 35 kids in my classroom, and while 30 kids wanted to learn and were really focused on it, 5 kids were busy acting like knuckleheads. Today, you walk into the very same school and classroom, and you will have 30 kids acting like knuckleheads, and 5 kids — smart ones — who are ashamed to admit that they want to learn. There is nothing wrong with our kids. They have just been overrun by "thug culture." Just that simple.

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