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  • 4-23-07 Operation Hope Bankers Bus Tour 043
4-23-07 Operation Hope Bankers Bus Tour 043
Photo of key leaders on the occasion of the April, 2007 (15th anniversary) recognition of the Rodney King riots, and a community's active recovery.  Amongst them, civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young

Below are deeply reflective thoughts from a dear friend who, in his own unique and important way, also led the way to the rebuilding and revitalization of "community" following the Rodney King Riots/Civil Unrest.  I think his words are best, so simply read below:

"John, I'm looking forward to our 20th Anniversary of the Operation Hope Bus Tour commemoration my friend. By the way, I've heard some folks reference the 20th Anniversary of the riots/civil unrest as some sort of "20th Anniversary Celebration."  

Over 50 people died that horrible week; and over 1000 buildings burned to the ground.  It's nothing to celebrate.  If there was anything positive about it, it was that the occasion caused the birth of a new beginning of consciousness and commitment among right-thinking men and women, to work hard to improve the lives of those less fortunate in our community.  It was a wake-up call like none other.
We should mark the occasion by remembering those who died, those who suffered so greatly, and rededicating ourselves to the work before us.  It's not a celebration; but a commemoration and remembrance and re-dedication.
Hope you are doing great – and we'll see you soon!  Look forward to the tour!
Warm regards,  Jonathan (Weedman)"


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