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Love Leadership

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Despite all the change, growth and innovation over the past fifty years, one area has remained sadly out of date.  For many managers and leaders fear is still an accepted leadership style.  Here’s the truth: Fear is crippling.  Fear causes irrational behavior.  Fear makes people do stupid things.  ”Fear based leadership” can destroy an individual, a department of people or an entire organization.

How do you know fear based leadership when you see it?  Chances are, you’ve already been subjected to it at some point:  blaming without offering reasonable recourse, stealing credit, making unreasonable demands, denying accomplishments, irrationally excluding others from opportunities.  The list goes on and on.

In Love Leadership, John Hope Bryant shows us that leading with LOVE will lead to the greatest success for everyone involved.

“When you open up, people open up to you.  Vulnerability is the door to your heart, and being vulnerable grants important benefits to those who are strong enough to leave that door open.  Vulnerability shows that you are human, and it makes you loved- and all great leaders are, at their core, deeply human and much loved.”

Love Leadership, Page 119

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