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As the nation remembers Martin Luther King Jr's famous "I have a dream" speech, others are turning their attention to a new movement.

"Forty years after his death, we need to realize his last movement was about economics, it was a poor peoples campaign.  It was no accident that last movement was not about race," said John Hope Bryant, the chairman and CEO of Operation Hope.   

John Hope Bryant served as the special guest speaker Friday night at the 2nd annual MLK Awards Dinner.  He says the new movement is not "civil rights" but "silver rights."

"This cannot be about any race.  We have to see that we're all bound up together.  This is about class and not race.  We are really in a fight against China, not a fight against each other," he said. 

The theme of the awards dinner, which honored several local people for their work in the community, was "Creating Economic Empowerment, Building the Dream."

"We get a little complacent.  We forget about what Dr. King really wanted us to do.  We have to refocus and I think building on the dream theme tonight is most appropriate," said James Sherrod, executive director of the Bayfront NATO Martin Luther King Center. 

And while they shift their focus slightly, remembering Dr. King's legacy continues to remain just as important.



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