Statement by John Hope Bryant on the Passing of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

October, 2011

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While I did not know him personally, his reputation truly did proceed him.  His work with my mentor and personal hero, civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young, one of Dr. King's closest aides and the strategist for the movement, places him in a league of absolute rarity.  His work with Dr. King and Ambassador Young places Rev. Shuttlesworth forever in a place of respect with me, and in my life.

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth will be remembered forever, for he, along with Dr. King, Ambassador Young and a host of other select leaders with a vision, led what many call the 3rd American Revolution -- the civil rights movement in America. Together, they changed America for the better.  The world is better because he was here.

A special thank you to Ambassador Andrew Young for attending and speaking at Rev. Shuttlesworth homegoing today.  Ambassador Young is the man who always shows up.

Onward and with HOPE

John Hope Bryant



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