Introducing the Audio Track for DIGNITY, by Dave Stewart and Nadirah X

October, 2011

Dignity 6b mix

Introducing the global launch of the official song for Global Dignity, entitled DIGNITY, produced by Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics) and performed by Nadirah X.  Thanks to Dave Stewart and Nadirah's generousity, we have released this song commercial-free, meaning you can download it for free here!  

Our only request is that if you like it, Tweet about, talk about it on Facebook and "make it cool" through social media and your friends around the world!

We will soon have a n iTunes, commercial version of the song available for anyone who would actually like to support the work of Global Dignity by purchasing the song and making a contribution to the organization.

Enjoy, and let and us know what you think!  The DIGNITY song was officially released during the inaugural Global Dignity Forum here in Helsinki, Finland.


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