Operation HOPE 2010 Audited Financial Statement

September, 2011

The full and formal 2010 Operation HOPE audited financial report will be issued this month, and available to all publicly, but I am proud to report that even with the global economic downturn, along with our steady growth in some sectors, 70% of every dollar contributed to Operation HOPE has gone directly to support Operation HOPE on-the-ground programs and services for the under-served.  In future years it is of course our mission to drive this ratio up.

The Bonus Track:

Because Operation HOPE, at the parent organization level, absorbs all of the organization's administrative and overhead costs globally (organization wide), several affiliate and subsidary organizations that operate as a stand-alone, such as Global Dignity, have NO direct administrative and overhead cost at all. That would be zero, or 100% of every dollar attributed and contributed to date have been committed to on-the-ground programs and services. 

The public will be able to find the complete report here shortly.



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