Alex Cummings Given Highest Honor in Home Country of Liberia

August, 2011

I am Alex Cummings honor in Liberia

I am so very honored to report that my dear friend Alex Cummings, Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer for the Coca-Cola Company (meaning worldwide), recently received the highest honor from his home country of Liberia.

On July 19-28, 2011, Alex Cummings and his lovely wife Teresa Cummings traveled to Lberia where he recieved Liberia’s highest honor, the Humane Order of African Redemption.  Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will present the award to him on Thursday, July 21, 2011. 

The medal is awarded for humanitarian work in Liberia, for acts supporting and assisting the Liberian nation and to individuals who have played a prominent role in the emancipation of African Americans and the pursuit of equal rights. 

Alex’s genuine modesty kept him from sharing this wonderful news -- but that admired sense of modesty does not extend to me here, on his behalf.  

Anyone who knows Alex Cummings knows him to be a consumate professional at the top of his game, but they also know that his heart is in Africa, and more specifically Liberia. Giving back to the Continent is very important to him.  With this acknowledgment of his incredible leadership, it's nice to see that the "giving back" actually goes both ways. Good guys really do win, in the end.

Congratulations to my dear friend Alex Cummings, and a special thank you to my friend Mrs. Teresa Cummings, for making sure that his "good works" serve as an inspiration to countless others.  Alex Cummings is a role model for our times, from Africa to America, and around the world too.

Here at Operation HOPE we are honored to have Alex Cummings service on the Gallup-HOPE Index Advisory Board.

We salute you Mr. Alex Cummings.

Onward and with HOPE,




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