Special from the NYSE Blog: Dynamism at the Financial Literacy Forum

July, 2011

NYSE logoCR Exchange by Michelle Greene

Last week, the Exchange hosted the Operation Hope New York Financial Literacy Forum: Rebirth of America, Post Economic Crisis. More information about the program is availablehere.

The group included well-known figures from financial media, financial services CEOs, foundation presidents, regulators, policymakers, non-profit leaders and even civil rights legend, Ambassador Andrew Young, who serves as the HOPE global spokesperson.

The Forum was preceded by a welcome reception on the Trading Floor on Wednesday night. The floor was filled with energy and an eclectic group connected to the topic. The keynote speakers, addressing the crowd from the Bell Podium, included Operation HOPE’s Chairman John Hope Bryant, the Executive Director of the White House Business Council, Ari Matusiak, as well as Ambassador Young. 

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