A young HOPE Intern speaks, about the power of financial literacy and silver rights

June, 2011

As I go through the last day of my internship at Operation HOPE, which began on the February 2nd, 2011, I look back and reflect on all the moments that I was lucky enough to have experienced here.

Being part of such a wonderful movement has been a blessing in so many ways that enumerating all of them would simply be inappropriate for a blog post. Nevertheless, I would like to share what I believe has been the most valuable lesson I learned during my internship.

When I first moved to the U.S from Switzerland, I knew little of the challenges underserved communities faced in the United States. Most of what I knew came from Hollywood movies and was thus, not very representative. A couple of weeks into my internship, I got a better understanding of the types of challenges such communities where facing. I quickly came to the conclusion that education was clearly the first step to giving these communities the opportunity to join mainstream society. Soon after, I volunteered to teach financial literacy through Operation HOPE’s Banking on Our Future program. 

Read the full story here on the Operation HOPE Blog.


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