Today, thinking of my lady, nicknamed Freedom

May, 2011

On days like today -- a beautiful, relaxed Saturday for instance -- while traveling through another part of the world on business and not at home, I actually think about Freedom.

Freedom is the beloved nickname I recently gave my Indian Chief motorcycle, for reasons unique and personal to me of course, but the word is something I believe everyone can relate to in their own unique way.  You may be relating to it, right now actually, even as you read this. It's a universal concept.

Together since the year 2002, she is beautiful and refined, bold and a little elegant too, with dramatic handlebars that are 4 feet wide, weighing in at more than 700 lbs and standing a mere six inches off the ground, for stability and centeredness, and more than 9 feet in length. She has power she doesn't show off, so she commands respect, and if you fail her, she will show you her sense of humor. In other words, she is a passionate beast (smile). Or maybe more lovingly referred to as a sort of Bentley on two wheels, as she is hand-made.  

Every component and every part of her, has a purpose, and is "intentional" (my word for 2011).

She actually gives me the simplest of pleasure, as she asks for nothing, but offers all that she has, even unique access to a window and connection with (mother) nature herself.

Her sound is a combination of power (a growl actually), and sensual, intelligent calm. She seats only one by design --- her partner, me. Yet, she is not selfish. There is a companion seat which can be added whenever we like.  She likes the idea of family.

It is a day like this one, when my spirit is fed by memories of taking Freedom down the coastline of Southern California to San Diego, or up the coastline to Malibu, California, or these days, taking the beautiful and endless rolling backroads of Atlanta, Georgia, surrounded by greenery and trees, and kids mouthing to mom and dad from the backseat of their car "ooh, ooh, what's that...."   Freedom also loves children, and bringing smiles to their faces whenever she can.  Freedom is a giver.

I think what I like most about Freedom though, is her uncluttered, uncomplicated, unconditional love.

She doesn't judge or nitpick, but you must know how to properly address her, and that is with a basic respect, and good judgement.  She will protect you, but you must help her.  It's a partnership.

Lessons for life, and a slice of pure heaven on this earth too.


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