His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway received enthusiastically by the next generation of Norwegian leaders

May, 2011



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So very proud of my friend, fellow co-founder of Global Dignity, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway.  Part of the reason he is so loved and respected by all that meet him, including the young people we encountered at the school in Norway yesterday in Oslo, and youth I have seen interact with him the world over, is because of his utter humility, respect, thoughtfulness and kindness.  

Crown Prince Haakon is simply "good people," and this is why I often refer to him as "the People's Prince" when speaking in public about him.  Of course, his wife Crown Princess Mette-Marit is equally gracious and kind. They both deserve all the success  and joy they enjoy in this world.  They are givers, in a world that seems so overwhelmed with "takers."  This is Love Leadership in action.  Norway is fortunate to have them both.

Onward and with HOPE

John Hope Bryant, co-founder, Global Dignity 





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