June 05 287
Operation HOPE, Mid-Atlantic Board of Directors member Ed Stucky joined HOPE directors Barry Wides and Ted Carter in a Banking on Our Future classroom in South East Washington, D.C. this week, teaching financial literacy to youth as part of their HOPE Board Engagement.  I am told by Director Stucky that the kids really came alive on the investing section; wanted to know about the stock market vs. savings accounts, risk returns, etc.  
They were trying to find out what an investment in Wal-Mart would be worth, if you bought at the beginning and held on.  The answer, figured out after the classroom session, is below. AMAZING.  And this is for anyone who still wonders about the magic of learning financial literacy and the "language of money" for themselves and their children.
If you had purchased $100 of Wal-Mart stock in 1971, you would have $207,037.63 today, or a 206,937.63% return.  

If you would have bought 100 shares, your investment would be worth $5,590,016  today.

A lot of blue-colar Wal-Mart employees purchased stock early on.  Good going! This is part of the magic of America; anyone can become rich with hard work, decipline and and a commitment to a life better.

A special thank you to Ed Stucky, Ted Carter, Barry Wides, Mid-Atlantic Board Chair Celie Niehaus and the entire Mid-Atlantic Board of Directors for all you do.

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant


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