Operation HOPE, Denver

March, 2011


I was pleased this week to join my Operation HOPE, Denver leader Elaine Fischer, who has rallied our local partners, including Bank of the West, US Bank and TIAA-CREF, to produce impressive local results. Local results include Banking on Our Future, Denver teaching more than 15,000 youth in financial literacy education, and we have more than 300 HOPE Corps volunteers on our Denver rolls.

I am now excited to be focused around building a local HOPE Board for Denver, as well as significantly expanding our partnership group and volunteer HOPE Corps.

A special thank you to then mayor, now Governor John Hickenlooper, and former mayor Wellington Webb, who are really responsible for our initial entry into the Denver school system and community, and US Bank and Bank of the West, who were the founding investors in our work here.  Thank you all.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant






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