Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO of Gallup, Inc. receives Chairman's HOPE Award

February, 2011


Last week I caught up with my dear friend and partner in change, Mr. Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of Gallup, Inc, where I presented him with the Chairman's HOPE Award, which was announced at our 2010 HOPE Board Retreat.

The Chairman's HOPE Award is one of our highest levels of recognition and goes to one who provides extraordinary and standout leadership with respect to advancing the organizations mission.

Jim Clifton, originally introduced through our mutual friend Marguerite Kondracke of America's Promise Alliance, teamed up together to create the Gallup-Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Index, which holds the promise to absolutely change the very way in which we view education in this country; reducing the high-school dropout rate and increasing graduation, leading to opportunity and aspiration. At the end of the day, we see the Index as a "job creation" engine for the next generation of America's leaders.

The Gallup-Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Index, recently profiled at the U.S. Treasury Department's January, 2011, meeting of the Financial Literacy & Education Commission, focuses on the power of financial literacy, hope, well-being and engagement to alter the very nature of a young person's outlook on life, and thus their educational experience as well.

You can get more information on the Gallup-Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Index here. Bravo and congratulations my friend Jim Clifton.

Ours is a beautiful friendship, and partnership for change. The best is yet to come.

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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