A Love Leadership Reader Testimonial

January, 2011

DC to Atlanta 006

"A friend of mine and co-worker who had met Mr. Bryant, when he had visited our place of business Chateau Elan (in Atlanta, Georgia), had graciously given her an autographed copy of his book "Love Leadership". She in turn loaned it to me, as she and I had spoken about the art business I'd begun two years prior and how I wanted to integrate human-centric values into my business. Reading "Love Leadership" has empowered me to stay with that human centric approach and I can proudly say that my business has grown, although slowly, because of it. My little business still has a long ways to go to become self sufficient, but it's going forward and that's what matters most to me and the low-income arts community in Athens, Ga, I wish to serve.

Thank you for a most enlightening approach to leadership philosophy."

Reader of Love Leadership

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