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John Hope Bryant

John Hope Bryant

Author and philanthropic entrepreneur

Posted: October 4, 2010 11:56 AM

Visiting Uganda last week as the keynote speaker for the 5th Annual Financial Literacy Week, hosted by Investors Club, Ltd, I was struck by how utterly beautiful Uganda is.

One of my heroes, Mahatma Gandhi, selected Uganda, at the base of the River Nile of all places in the world, to have his ashes distributed after he passed. This was his sole request of his family once he visited this magical place. Having been there myself, I now understand.

Known as the Pearl of Africa and a stone's throw from neighboring Kenya, and one of my favorite countries Rwanda, Uganda represents the best of Africa. Uganda is a good example of the future promise of eco-tourism as a main driver of economic growth for the African continent. But tourism alone will not be enough to save the African continent from a subsistence existence.

I actually believe that with the proper support from the international community, Africa can join the now fast growing Asian Tigers, as a driver of global economic recovery and growth in the world. Yes, in the world.

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