As I arrived at the airport in Geneva, preparing for my departure for the United States, I headed straight for the check in counter for United Airlines. There were only a few people in line, but for some reason 2 of the 3 agents on duty decided to do something other than check people in (in fairness to United Airlines, it was not their own agents doing the check in). I waited for a bit, and then a longer bit, and after that, an even longer bit. The old John Bryant would have lost it by now, but the new one just stood there, gently observing and being entertained by my favorite sport — people watching. I also decided to read a book on my iPad.

Before a year had passed, an agent called me forward to check in. I greeted them with a hello instead of a snarl, and they returned the favor by apologizing profusely for the delay — and then promptly upgraded me to seat C2. As my friend Rod McGrew would say, “fair exchange is no robbery.”

It pays, simply to be nice, even when the world is not being especially kind to you.

That’s Love Leadership in action.

John Hope Bryant

LOVE LEADERSHIP: One more reason to not be a jerk

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