HOPE Center Harlem
Operation HOPE Poem


They come to Operation HOPE from many diverse locations

They all come to Operation HOPE sometimes with complex financial situations


They come after finding out there is no other place to go

Others come mainly due to the Chairman’s prolific social discourse on the TV and Radio


Some live in close proximity and others live far away

Just as sure as darkness melts to light, they come to Operation HOPE every single day


They come seeking economic advice and positive direction

They come in large crowds, because they have a voracious appetite to partake in an educational Seminar


From the North, South,  East, West and mostly everywhere

People are serious about their financial situation, and come in for credit repair

All over the globe, they come in seeking advice on how to write a business plan

Snow is falling, rain is pouring down, sun is shinning, The Wind is making a screaming noise, and they rush in as fast as they can

The young come for Financial Empowerment, Financial literacy Program and Internet Access

They come with scant knowledge regarding the road to success, but end  up Taking the Silver Rights road to Entrepreneurship

When they add and multiply all of the services, deep down in their hearts they know they are receiving the best

Some are frightened, confused and their psychological state is pregnant with trepidation and doubt

But they are quickly relieved and satisfied when they understand what Operation HOPE is all about

They come anxiously with family members and friends

Out of sheer curiosity, others come proudly on their own

With dangling business ideas pregnant in their minds

People flock to Operation HOPE in search of a business loan

Oh, but when they leave it’s a different story

When they depart, you can discern a world of satisfaction written on their faces

When they leave, you can hear the sound of joy and a sense of profound happiness in their voices

When they leave one can see a clear visible metamorphosis in their personalities and an elevated self esteem

Some are struggling with personal issues and other are enjoying excellent health

A lot of Clients attend all of the Seminars, because they know they will eventually be on the road to building wealth

With due diligence, perseverance and the way life can change with an unexpected stroke

Be it Computer and Internet Access, Start a business, obtain a business or mortgage loan, Hone your budgeting skills, Credit Restoration, foreclosure prevention,  or just enroll in the Case Management Program

The doors are always open and the hard working-dedicated staff will always have faith and be ready like the changing weather at Operation HOPE


David A. Marshall

A former HOPE Leader, but always an honorary member of the HOPE family.





























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