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Okay, so I figured the last time my book, LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), made it to the Inc. Magazine/CEO Read (Business) Bestseller Listback in April, 2010, that would be it, and I was completely fine with it.  When it made the April list, this accounted for the 8th time the book had made the list, so who could be disappointed when in May, 2010, Love Leadership was absent from the top 25. Well, here we go again…

Thanks to your support of the progressive ideas contained in Love Leadership, it appears that it is well on its way to becoming what my publishers at Wiley and Jossey-Bass refer to as an "ever-green" book, or one that has staying power over time.  Making the Inc. Magazine/CEO Read Top 25 List for June, 2010, tells me that we have a real chance at establishing Love Leadership as something that becomes a solid, sustainable book of integrity rich, earned, leadership (studies) reference, over the long-arc of time. This is my long-term goal with Love Leadership the book, and philosophy; to have it adopted by institutions of higher learning, particularly with respect to business management teachings and leadership overall, by companies, by governments, by communities, and by you.

 USC panel
Thank you and every else who has helped to make Love Leadership a sustainable success since its publishing in August, 2009, almost a year ago. 

Thanks for purchasing your copy of Love Leadership, for leaving reviews after you have read the book at, or wherever you purchased your copy, and thanks for spreading the word to families, friends and professional colleagues.

The Kindle version of Love Leadership is now out and available for download, as is the audiobook, read by me, through and

Please continue to actively support Love Leadership, and let's push to establish it as a true standard bearer of new 21st century leadership principles, for a new generation of global leaders for our world.

Once again, thank you.  Sign up as a Facebook Fan for Love Leadership and help us create a movement too!  A special thank you goes to Cedrick Crocker, my publisher at Jossey-Bass, Carolyn Carlstroem, my editor Genoveva Llosa, Erin Moy, Amy Packard and all the other people at Jossey-Bass and Wiley, as well as Rachael Doff and Rod McGrew and the Operation HOPE family, that helped to make Love Leadership a reality. 

Onward with HOPE 

John Hope Bryant

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