I am proud to announce and officially introduce today www.loveleadershipbook.com, as the new official website for my now bestselling business book, LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass).  This new website brings the best of the insights, reviews, reader feedback, videos, interviews, photos, reflections and (unpublished) views of the author, of and around the growing Love Leadership approach to living and prospering in a fear-based world.  Exciting to me, the website is not static.  Because of its real-time interface with my global social networked world (Twitter, Facebook Love Leadership Fan Page, my Blog, etc), you also get real-time updates on what's going on around the world, in my world, and how Love Leadership is having a real impact, in real people's lives.

There are also exciting sections such as Other Books, where you can purchase the audio (read by me personally), digital and other versions of Love Leadership, as well as prior books published by me.  There is even  special Limited Edition version of the Silver Rights Series which is available at www.loveleadershipbook.com with a modest contribution to my favorite charity, Operation HOPE.

Finally, in coming weeks www.loveleadershipbook.com will get first look and release of all previously unreleased content and recorded interviews, including some of the last interviews with the likes of the late Secretary Jack Kemp, and the late great Dr. Dorothy I. Height, both mentors and friends to me.  Through www.loveleadershipbook.com you will hear their wisdom, in their own unique and amazing voices.  Other previously recorded interviews, many not included in the published edition of Love Leadership because of space limitations, will also be made available in the archives of www.loveleadershipbook.com.   What an invaluable treasure-trove resource for "the new way to lead, in a fear-based world."

I hope you enjoy this newest and most exciting dimension of the growth of the Love Leadership movement.  Let me know what you think of the www.loveleadershipbook.com, ways to improve it, make it better, more relevant and helpful to you, as one who wants to take the Love Leadership route to sustainable personal and professional success in your life.

In closing, a special thank you to Rachael Doff, Rod McGrew, Ilya Monroe, Evelyn Ducoulombier, Sherry John and all the others who helped to advance the Love Leadership way, and to help bring this website online.  Thanks to Cedric Crocker, Erin Moy, Amy Packard and the team at Wiley and Jossey-Bass, and Tom Neilsson and my team at the Brightsight Group, that represents me as a professional speaker, and Bill George, who wrote the Forward to Love Leadership and who has proven to be a real mentor in book writing and publishing in my life.  Thank you to www.amazon.com, www.borders.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.walmart.com, www.audible.com, www.itunes.com and all the other retailers here and around the world that bring Love Leadership right to your doorstep, around the world. Humbled, and thankful for your support. Proceeds from the sale of copies of Love Leadership at www.loveleadershipbook.com benefit the work of Operation HOPE when you select the amazon.com button on the homepage.

Bookmark this new website and come back often for updates and exclusive new releases. Please share www.loveleadershipbook.comwith your friends, colleagues, your ListServ, your Face Book and Twitter friends, and once you read the book, please consider writing a reader review on one the online retailers where you might have purchased the book.  Thank you in advance for your support.

One person can change the world. Be that one person.

With HOPE,

John Hope Bryant


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