Testimonial from a student leader in Africa


"Hello Mr. Bryant. My name is Albert D.V. Kihwele, among those students in your class at FEZA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL in Tanzania. I happen to read your book 'LOVE LEADERSHIP'. The book is so nice and in one way it made me to think deep on how to live a new life. Your life story is too sorry to imagine. Am now 19 years old and am an A-level student, I will complete my high school studies in Feb, 2012. I have a dream of being a person like you…but where do I begin is my biggest question. I make my own quotes that I think they can change people's lives. Some of them are;

''nature is more than we can imagine,''

''always there will be a way out if there is a way in,''

"every day is a new day to shine'',

''whenever the sun sets we believe there is a new day to come'',

''if only we can be us, then there will be no change in us''

……..those are some ideas that I imagine sometimes.

I believe in what you said that ,''there will be no inner growth without pain of legitimate suffering'' I hope my dreams will become true soon.  hope to hear from you soon….. GOD BLESS YOU MR. BRYANT."


Except from a note received by John Hope Bryant, in response to YGL sponsored Dignity Day, Tanzania, where Mr. Bryant made complimentary copies of his book available to students.




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