So I ventured to wish my mentor and friend Quincy Jones well on his (I thought) trip to China, only to find out that I am late and behind the times. He is actually in Bloomington, Ind. making two commencement speeches and getting his 29th Honorary Doctorate Degree!  Wow. And picks up his 30th Honorary Doctorate in a couple of weeks.  This man is amazing, as is my other mentor and hero, icon Ambassador Andrew Young, who has a documented 75 honorary Doctorate Degrees and a purported list of 100 of them somewhere!! Talk about two men who have changed history, and are STILL DOING IT!  Congratulations Q!  So proud of you my friend. Honored to have your wisdom chronicled in the pages of LOVE LEADERSHIP too!

Below is my all time favorite photo with the great Q.

Hanging with Q 007

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