JB and Dr. Dorothy Height
This morning I awoke with a bit of sadness, and peace.  On the one hand, I was saddened to hear that one of my all time sheroes and mentors, and friends, Dr. Dorothy I. Height, had passed from this earth.  I immediately remembered all the incredible times we shared together, her priceless interview for my book LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (and thank God we recorded her amazing voice of wisdom and love), or the time we went to dinner and when I took a picture she looked at me and said, "John, don't you ever take a picture of me with my lipstick off." What a woman…. Sharper than sharp, until the absolute end of her lifespan, on this earth.  I remember all of her wisdom, extended to me, and her grace;

"John, what I like most about you is that you are a dreamer, with a shovel in your hands." And that is why our recent shovel ceremony for the newly planned HOPE Center at Ebenezer, was done in her honor.

I remember the evening we spent together, as we dedicated the conference room at our Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Empowerment Center, Anacostia-Washington, D.C., in her name and honor, for life.

I remember the evening we spent together, just a few precious months ago, discussing "the future of leadership," and her support of and for my new book.

I remember oh so much about my shero Dr. Height, and she will always be with me.  And then I remembered what I already knew — she "has been promoted," gone on to a better place, and she pains no more, of this world.

Dr. Height is with us.  She will always be with us.  She will always be with me.  I will never let the world forget the life and legacy, of one Dr. Dorothy I. Height. My friend.

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