I didnt want to mention anything earlier today as I had just returned from out of the country and I wasn't sure this was public information or not, but now I can say it — please drop to your knees when you retire to bed tonight and send up a prayer for one of the world's all time best people, a great, great American, and one of my favorite people on the planet — former President and humanitarian Bill Clinton.

Several years back he received heart by-pass surgery, and this week the doctors felt it wise to go back in for a little "fine tuning."  My guess is that, with our prayers and his excellent medical care, Mr. Clinton will be fine.  My guess is also that he would want you to focus on what can be done for those not quite as lucky as he is; the people of Haiti or Africa, for example.  The photos featured here are me and the former President, along with my senior aide Fred D. Smith, responding together around Hurricane Katrina.Clinton_smith_bryant_1_2

Do two things for President Clinton, please:

1. Include him on your prayer list.

2. Go to the Clinton Foundation and make a contribution to support his global work.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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