Riga, Latvia – February 8, 2010 – Latvia's President Valdis Zatlers invited HOPE Founder, Chairm and CEO and bestselling author and economic thought leader John Hope Bryant to give a guest lecture at the University of Latvia on February 8, 2010 to share principles of HOPE, Global Dignity and leadership based on love. Bryant's appearance in the Latvia's capital is a part of an ongoing lecture series "Lectures by World Leaders" initiated by the President of Latvia. Visit the site here.

"It was my great pleasure and honor to introduce John Hope Bryant as a guest speaker at the 'Lectures by World Leaders' series. I first met Mr. Bryant at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China where we discussed, on the same panel, the consequences of the recession and the changes we should make in our thinking. I invited him to Latvia because he stands for what is crucial to our society now – hope, vision and determination. I am sure that Mr. Bryant's personal experience, his principles and vision encouraged the audience to think about the values that can lead us out of the current economic difficulties," said the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers.

Bryant, who accepted the invitation during his participation at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year, is an active participant of the Forum's subsidiary of exceptional young leaders, the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGLs), advocates dignity and financial literacy or "silver rights" as the next civil rights issue tied to improving the world economy. In an interview shortly before the lecture, Bryant stated his overall objective to make capitalism and free enterprise relevant to the poor and working class and ultimately to make capitalism actually work for the poor, working class and middle class, too. View the teaser for the Diena.lv interview here

"It is a pleasure and important work to promote, advocate, and help advance principles of 'silver rights' and Global Dignity," said Bryant. "The principles are a globally shared vision, aligned with Operation HOPE's efforts to empower each individual to believe in his or her fundamental right to dignity, respect, and freedom, and right to access resources and ultimately, to have the necessary tools to make their own decisions in life."

Bryant also discussed the secret to his business success: "Love Leadership." Bryant's philosophy is outlined in his recent business best seller, LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World, and reveals his five core values of love-based leadership as a key for succeeding in business and makes the case that the best way to get ahead is to figure out what you have to give. In addition to addessing the core values from his book, Bryant spoke to the audience about his social investment nonprofit Operation HOPE, which has empowered more than 1.2 million individuals in financial literacy and the "language of money."

The lecture series, which was developed by Latvia's President in accord with the University of Latvia, invites world leaders from a variety of backgrounds to speak on a variety of current affairs topics. The aim is to allow academics, members of the intelligentsia and representatives of the media in Latvia to attend lectures delivered by distinguished leaders from various sectors in the world – people who can offer a broader view of global economic, political and social matters. Past speakers include Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

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