"I saw you come and speak at USC about a month ago in December, and a friend of mine surprised me by giving me your book "Love Leadership" for Christmas. I was very touched when I saw you speak and as I slowly read your book so I could take it all in. Despite having loving, hard-working parents, like many others around the country, my family has had significant money problems that have led to some sad, painful memories. But I consider myself very blessed. I'm not glad that what happened happened, but I know that myself and my family are better for it. I am concentrating in Entrepreneurship at USC and I have decided to narrow my focus on reducing financial ignorance in America, both because of what I've experienced first-hand, and from hearing you speak and reading your book. I don't really know where to start, seeing as how I'm financially ignorant myself, but I guess that's an advantage as it's more motivation to learn. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for preaching giving rather than selfishness. Vulnerability rather than perfection. And most importantly-love leadership rather than fear leadership."

Best, Blake Spencer, student at USC

Oceanside, California.

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