LA Love Leadership 009 Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with and spending quality time with our second ever HOPE Global Intern, Ms. Ashita Tandon, whose father works for a OPE Partner — the State Bank of India (California).  The first HOPE Global Intern hailed from Kuwait and he and I were both inspired to have him come and spend a few weeks with us through our affiliation with the World Economic Forum, where we met in Jordan.

Ashita is brilliant and on fire with a sense of HOPE, for her mother India.  We hope to join her back in India at some point, as we focus the power of our work there. For now, India is indeed fortunate to have one Ashita Tandon as a role model for young ladies with a vision, in India, for our world.  She is a global citizen and a Love Leader in the making.

LA Love Leadership 010
Here Ashita stands with Kevin Flemmings and Kedisa Johnson from the Operation HOPE Banking on Our Future team, where Ashita actually went out and taught a Banking on Our Future class.

One person can make a difference.  Be that one person.


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