John Bryant color shotOften while making my way through America's airports I am stopped by well meaning people who want to talk about Operation HOPE, Love Leadership, or their newest idea for a business (all good).  But when I travel from Los Angeles I am often stopped by the same focused brother, a young, African-American skycap, always with something serious and economic on his mind. 

This time he wanted to talk with me about the 5 young men who were let go at the counter because there was a decision made that TSA and technology could do their jobs.  His compelling question was this; "John, if they fire all the workers, who are also consumers, and replace them with computers and technology, who is going to be able to able to be a viable consumer to buy all this technology, computers, and well, plane tickets too?"  A very good question. 

I told the young man that I did not have a complete answer to his very good question, but referred him to the piece I recently authored entitled "Reset" for Change This.  I also told this brilliant, focused young man he needs to go back to school and get a Ph.D in economics. Looks like he was really thinking about that recommendation, which made my little day.  We need more Ph.D's in economics who are from communities of color. Silver rights is the last piece of unfinished business in America, as we pursue freedom and a form of capitalism and free enterprise that actually works for the poor too.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant


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