LL in Mindy Lamont's living room
 Mindy Lamont is a financial leader with AXA, a member of the Operation HOPE Southwest Board of Directors, a passionate advocate for the under-served, and one of the inspirations behind our 5MK movement.  Mindy once sent me a multi-page "treatise" on the future of "good capitalism" and ffinancial literacy, and what she "expected me to do about it" (smile).  Good people.  Glad to know that she is also a fan of Love Leadership.

Love Leadership:The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World, can be found at  major booksellers such as Borders and Barnes & Noble and online at Amazon.com. 

Want to help the Love Leadership movement? Purchase the book, share it with friends, host a book reading and sharing  event in your  home, or write a reader review with Amazon.comor one of the online bookseller websites.


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