I have read your book twice already, since I have recieved it.  The second time I underlined all the things that stood out for me (and that's almost the whole book).  I absolutely loved your book.


Carol, South Africa


Well, I was writing to tell you that I started off my day talking about your book (Love Leadership). I was at an all day leadership training at the Harvard center for workplace development. When I got to the session this morning, I noticed the instructor had Bill George's book 'True North' on her desk and I began talking with her about it. She liked George's concept of 'authentic leadership', so I mentioned your book and that you have a newer leadership concept, 'love leadership'. At that point I still hadn't read your book. 


Completely inspired by today's leadership training, I stopped at the Coop bookstore (at Harvard) on my way home and picked up your book. I couldn't put it down…I read it cover-to-cover in 2hrs! I *loved* it, its original and thought provoking. One of the most powerful lessons was the story of Andrew Young agreeing to donate his yearly salary only to be handed more than he ever expected in return. I got chills reading that.  Great work, John! Thank you.


Suzan El-Rayess,Boston, MA



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