I am in love with Singapore, and it is all the fault of my friend Penny low and the Global Social Innovators Forum


I accepted the invitation to come and to speak at the Forum through and because of my friend and fellow YGL (Young Global Leader) Penny Low, Member of Parliament in Singapore, but never has the saying been so correct; “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plan.”  I had an incredible time, and an experience of a lifetime, and if I can say this respectfully, now even consider myself an “honorary Singaporean.”  8126_145087262885_603427885_2680222_4301745_n
Singapore had no natural resources to speak of, so the country and its pioneering prime minister had to rely on the one asset it did have — its people.  Sinpapore has sinse built a country based on its people's intelligence; from banking to technology to almost every industry requiring a level of technical expertise. 


The amazing people, the smells, the sights, the passion, the emotion, the intelligence – the desire to “do good,” all of this is part of present day Singapore. The Forum brought all of these factors together in one place, and under one roof at the SIP Forum. 


None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedicated commitment of the staff of the Forum, and standing behind my friend Penny. Thank you!  Thank you all, as you are a fantastic example of what I call “Love Leadership,” in a fear-based world.


In a world focused on “what do I get,” you have asked, “what do I have to give?”  Thank you, for being leaders for our world, and global citizens to and for our shared, small planet.  You are making a difference. I feel it, in my heart – forever.


See all my photos from my Love Leadership visit to Singapore here.


Onward with HOPE,


John Hope Bryant

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