Dear Mr. Bryant


I am a student from the International School of Geneva and I was present when you and Prince Haakon gave your speeches.


I don't know where to start. I will never really be able to express in words what you did for all those people in that assembly that day. Hearts were touched and souls were lit, eyes were opened and thoughts provoked.


You made an incredible impact on my peers! Every single one of them has had a change of attitude (even my classmate who used to give me trouble has become so thoughtful and polite)

You have planted a seed in me and I can already feel it growing. I guess I'm writing this email to tell you in advance that the woman you see in 10 years time on CNN, changing the world, you made it happen. You helped her discover herself.


The day you spoke to us was literally the best day of my life.


Mukundwa Katuliiba


P.S. At school, if someone does something foolish or mean, the new thing to say is

"What would JB say?!"



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