Being a doctorate student at CSU Fresno, I had the honor of being a facilitator at the recent dropout summit in Fresno that you spoke at. My role at the table prevented me from being able to speak to you outside. As you walked by me (front table to your left) you stated, "they simply don't like your product," speaking about education. From my perspective, a person who came to education after being 18+years in the private sector, you statement is spot on. I'm now pursuing my doctorate in education so that I can help our young people with education so that they don't live in poverty, being poverty and educational levels are aligned, and also have far reaching implications for our country with our middle class demise. My intentions here are just to say what I couldn't that day. "Thank you for taking the time and being a positive force in our young peoples' lives." I was very impressed with your public speaking skills and was moved by your speach, which is unusual for me. You struck a chord in my heart and I thought enough to reach out and just say to you; thank you and god bless.


Best Regards, student, Fresno State.


Comments on John Hope Bryant speaking on his new book LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World



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