Dear John,


On Friday, as I was running out of my office to make my flight to LA, my assistant handed me your book that you so generously had sent to me.  I first dropped it on my desk not wanting to add to my already heavy bag but then I decided to take it with me.  To be honest with you, I was not excited to read the book.  I though it would be a dry lecture on how love is great and how we should be good citizens in the corporate world.  As I made myself comfortable in my seat on the plane, I reluctantly took out the book and started reading the first chapter.  The more I read the more excited I was.  I could see you through your trials and turbulences and your messages resonated so well with me.  I started underlining and writing in the margins and thinking about all the people I should give this book to.  It also for ever changed the image of John Hope Bryant for me.  Through our limited interactions at YGL, I somehow viewed you as a self centered person who wants to be the center of attention.  I’m so sorry to tell you this but I was not sure how genuine you were.  HOW WRONG I WAS!  Reading your book showed me the debt of your soul and how the excitement I see in you at our meetings is not to grab attention but a genuine fire from inside.


Your book inspired me, excited me, I wanted to get off the plane and go back to my management team and employees and tell them all about Love Leadership.  I wanted to call you and tell you how wrong I was about you.  You had ignited something in me and I just couldn’t turn it off.  I have been down many of the paths that you describe in the book.  I have lost and I have gained and I have lost again.  It has made me a better person, or so I think 😉 – but you made sense out of it for me.   It all made logical sense now and I had a blueprint of my life that was there but I had never realized it before.  I am so glad Zainab and Shai encouraged you to write this book.  It is truly a gift to all of us YGLs and to leaders of tomorrow. They should make this a mandatory reading in all business schools and MBA programs.   I look forward to seeing you at the next YGL meeting and give you a hug and thank you in person.


John, you have a friend for life and I will be there to help you always…


Only the best,

Anousheh Ansari

Imagine   Be the Change   Inspire

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