Bryant_LoveLeadership3D And in addition to LOVE LEADERSHIP showing up last night on Amazon (Canada) "Hottest New Books" list,the book also received its first book review on Amazon, and here it is:

"I couldn't put this book down and literally finished it in one day. It's definitely an inspiring method of leadership and absolutely true. If you've led or have experienced being led in both ways ("fear" and "love") you'll definitely pick the ladder as the best path to take when you're trying to reach your goal and have to use other people to get to your goal.

As a leader, I find myself using "nuggets" of truth from LOVE LEADERSHIP to inspire the people who I work for and with.

John Bryant is truly a man of this method.

I encourage you to read and practice the "LOVE LEADERSHIP" method if you're not already doing so.


If you want to help send the book to the top of the Best Seller List within the next few weeks,  please help me and do one or more of the following:

  1. Purchase a book on withi the next week.
  2. Read the book and write your own review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders websites.
  3. Purchase a number of books for your team, colleagues or family through 800-CEO-READ.
  4. Host a conversation on "the future of leadership itself," along with a book signing.  If I cannot make it personally, I WOULD still sign all the books you have there for your guests.  Contact Jaime at

One person can make a difference.  YOU can be that one person! Help me make LOVE LEADERSHIP a Best Seller, and let's start a new dialogue in the world based on hope, dignity, love leadership, teaching the world's poor the language of money, and cracking the code on free enterprise and capitalism.

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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